One of the best types of elastic masks available is the three-layer elastic mask. These masks are in three layers. The outer layer of this mask is made of non-woven fabric and a soft span band that is placed on the face and front of the mouth and nose.The softness of this fabric is such that it does not cause sensitivity and inflammation and is very light and soft. The inner or middle layer of this mask is made of non-woven fabric of Mellon Bloon, which is a mask filter. This part is the main insulation against the transmission of bacteria and viruses and environmental pollutants. The outer fabric is also made of spunbond. The only difference between this spun bond and the inner layer is the softness. The inner span band layer is located in front of the mouth and nose and the outer layer is both of the span band. But the inner layer is softer and softer than the outer layer. These masks are one of the best ways to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

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